how to scan your candle

Our candles are designed to be experienced via our senses; they are based on sound and fragrance to provide the most beautiful moments and lasting memories.

Every candle is included with an Apple Music and Spotify playlist that is designed to be played whenever the candle is lit. Do not be concerned; we are here to ensure that you do not lose out on your experience because you are unable to scan your candle. You will be led through it by us.

1. Open your camera on your phone

Point your camera directly at the QR code on the back of your candle. Make sure the whole code fits perfectly on the screen. Then click the flow code link on your screen.

2. Select your preference, Apple Music or Spotify

You will next need to choose the playlist based on your preference, Apple Music or Spotify, after looking at the flow code web page.

3. Enjoy your playlist

You're all set! You'll be automatically redirected to the curated playlist in just a few seconds. Make sure your candle is lit, sit back, and take it all in.